28% Of People Say This Celeb Chef Would Cook The Best Thanksgiving

If a genie in a bottle could grant you this one wish, what celebrity chef would you want in your home cooking up a Thanksgiving feast? If her Instagram is any indication, Ina Garten would cook up some potato fennel gratin and chipotle smashed sweet potatoes. Invite Paula Deen, on the other hand, and she might prepare a broccoli casserole and southern cornbread dressing. Go with Rachael Ray, and you'd get Worcester cider gravy on your chicken (via People). 

Emeril Lagasse might use your kitchen to bake you a cranberry upside-down skillet corn cake while his good friend, Martha Stewart, would probably assemble a kale salad with roasted squash and stuff her turkey with portobello caps, dried bread cubes, sweet sausage, and fennel. (Snoop Dog, do you approve?) Finally, Gordon Ramsay might butter a turkey breast, drizzle it with gravy, garnish it with lemons, and serve it up to you with some suspiciously European-looking apple pastries. Though, if you prefer, he'd probably be happy to serve you blistering insults for dessert instead. 

Mashed asked 550 people all from across the United States to pick between them. Are you ready for the winner? 

This is who America would invite to cook its Thanksgiving dinner, according to a Mashed survey

In the race for The United State's favorite Thanksgiving chef, honorable mentions go to Ina Garten (who garnered 8.11 percent of all votes), Emeril Lagasse (who garnered 12.07 percent of all votes), and Paula Deen (who garnered 12.79 percent of all votes). Giada De Laurentiis, Julia Child, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, and "Remy from Ratatouille" all deserve a hat tip for being written into Mashed's survey in the "Other" section.

Who took home the crown? Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray tied for second place, each bringing in 14.59 percent of votes. And, finally, one chef shone brighter than all others. 28.29 percent of all Mashed survey takers would want Gordon Ramsay to cook their Thanksgiving dinner. Ramsay, of course, is British, currently living in England, and already thinking about Christmas dishes, if his social media is anything to go by. And, if you were banking or Ramsay making you deep-fried Turkey, you'd be sorely disappointed. "I went round to someone's house, a friend of mine in LA for a Thanksgiving," Ramsay once told Stephen Colbert, "and there's this big vat, and he wheeled this big bird down and deep-fat fried this thing and it was f***ing disgusting." Stephen Colbert begged to differ. "Oh, it's so good," he protested. But Ramsay would have none of it. "Dry turkey," he exclaimed, "there's a reason we only eat that bird once a year."