31% Of People Think This Thanksgiving Side Is Better Than Mashed Potatoes

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us are thinking about our favorite parts of the meal. Turkey always seems to be a fan favorite during the time-honored tradition. However, there's some dispute over the best way to cook a turkey with some people preferring it to be roasted and some preferring it to be deep-fried. Then, there are the delicious sides we get to gorge ourselves on during this time of the year. From green bean casserole to cranberry sauce, there's a lot of sides people look forward to eating.

In fact, Reddit users debated over which side was the best with one writing, "My mom's broccoli and cheese casserole," they said. "It's a tradition for my family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas." Another wrote their favorite side was, "Delicious sweet potatoes with brown sugar and butter and topped with marshmallows then baked....friggin delish." And who can forget what is arguably the ultimate comfort food: mashed potatoes? Whether you view them as a beloved family tradition or – as one commenter described it – a beloved "mechanism to deliver good gravy," there is no doubt that they are a Thanksgiving staple.

With so many opinions, how did we come up with the side people like most? Mashed conducted a survey of 555 people across the U.S. to find out which Thanksgiving side is the ultimate fan-favorite.

Here are the surprising results for favorite Thanksgiving sides

According to Mashed's results, 31.17 of the people surveyed said stuffing was their favorite Thanksgiving side. And how can you blame them? There's nothing quite like biting into warm stuffing that's been cooking in the turkey all day. That sentiment was echoed by a number of people on Reddit, with one user writing that the best side was definitely "Stuffing! Always stuffing." Another wrote, "My dad makes the most incredible stuffing with herbs and sausage. Yum!" So what were some of the runner ups?

The side that got second place with 24.86 percent, was creamy mashed potatoes. In third place, with significantly fewer votes, was green bean casserole with 12.79 percent. Coming in at a close fourth was candied yams at 11.89 percent. And in a surprising outcome, a dish that everyone seemingly loves came in at only fifth place with 9.55 percent — macaroni and cheese. Last, but certainly not least, was cranberry sauce with just 6.67 percent. Guess not everyone is a fan of cranberries.