The Reason No One Likes Aldi's Sandwich Bags

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Shopping at Aldi certainly has its perks. There's a vast selection (and wide variety) of products to choose from, from produce to household essentials, and you can get both name brands and store brands at incredibly low prices. In fact, according to Women Who Money, by shopping at Aldi, you can save over 40 percent on your grocery bill when measured against buying name brand items at other stores. Even compared to other store brands, choosing Aldi can lower your bill by 20 percent. Basically, it's a budget shopper's paradise.

However, just because something is cheap doesn't necessarily mean that it's worth buying (i.e. in some cases, you really do get what you pay for). And there are actually quite a few Aldi products whose ratings are as low as their prices, if not lower. One of those things? The sandwich bags, which are sold under Aldi's store brand Boulder. Both shoppers and bloggers alike have given the bags negative reviews, and say they're absolutely not worth adding to your cart during your next Aldi run.

The price is low but so is the quality

If there's just one thing you look for in a good-quality sandwich bag, it's a secure seal. That's unfortunately something that the Boulder brand of sandwich bags doesn't have, according to plenty of unhappy reviewers. One Amazon shopper calls the bags "pure crap in a box" (explaining that the first three bags he pulled out were completely busted so he returned them immediately) while another agreed that they absolutely weren't worth the savings. One reviewer on Facebook also said she bought two boxes and that it took her 6-8 attempts just to close each bag and that they never stayed sealed when she picked them up.

Some popular bloggers have also had bad luck with the Boulder bags. Frugally Blonde, for instance, dubs them one of the things not to buy at Aldi, claiming that the bags have an off-putting plasticky smell. She says you're better off buying sandwich bags elsewhere.