People Can't Stop Talking About These Massive Reese's Cups At Sam's Club

If you have a sweet tooth, you aren't alone. According to Statista, over 268 million Americans indulged in chocolate and other candy over the course of 2020, and with the holidays coming closer every day, we can expect even more sweet treats thrust upon us. For those who can't wait (or just want to indulge in the most amount of chocolate and peanut butter as possible at once), Sam's Club has you covered. According to Delish, Sam's Club now offers a peanut butter and chocolate lover's dream in the form of a box of three huge Reese's cups, with each cup weighing in at a half pound each. With a combined total weight of 1-1/2 pounds of candy, this deal is sure to supersize any holiday.

Delish states that each box comes decorated with a green ribbon and bow, as well as an included space with a "to" and "from" label, so you don't even have to worry about wrapping this massive candy up before giving it to the chocoholics in your life. If you don't want to saddle one person with the burden of eating 1-1/2 pounds of the candy, fret not! Each half-pound cup can be gifted separately, so these Reese's cups won't throw off any post-holiday diets too badly.

What's inside these huge candies?

Half-pound cups of candy seem incredibly intimidating, and the thought of trying to power through one of these massive peanut butter cups seems almost impossible. According to Sam's Club, one serving equates to about one-eighth of a half-pound cup, meaning that you can stretch 24 Reese's cup moments of enjoyment out of the full 1-1/2 pounds of candy. As long as you don't overindulge, you can bring a bit of fun and novelty to your holidays with these huge Reese's cups that anyone with a sweet tooth is sure to love.

If you want to pick up a box of these treats, you can order them online through the Sam's Club's website or visit a brick-and-mortar location. Assuming the item is in stock, a box of the half-pound Reese's cups will set you back $13.48 (via Sam's Club). For anyone looking to give the ultimate stocking stuffer or make a candy fan's dream come true, this massive Reese's candy livens up any festivities with the sugar rush alone and guarantees to continue to bring joy through the holiday season.