This Kinder Egg Hot Cocoa Bomb Hack Changes Everything

Trying to get cozy this weekend with some delicious, toasty hot chocolate? Here's one hack that will take your cocoa from good to great. All you'll need is some hot milk, a bunch of mini marshmallows, and for the chocolate — here's the clincher — a Kinder Surprise egg. Don't worry, you're not about to be drinking a melted plastic toy.

"You just open the Kinder Egg, up take the toy out and fill with marshmallows," Charley Gumble explained on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas private Facebook group (via Delish). "I added a spoon full of hot chocolate as well, then melted the edge a tiny bit and put it back together." From there, you just pour hot milk over the bomb, and the marshmallows explode out. The chocolate melts, and you've got yourself a delicious Kinder hot chocolate. It's basically the closest you can come to putting pure joy right into a cup. Want a demonstration? You can watch Gumble's original video at the U.S. Sun.

More Kinder hot chocolate hacks

Maybe you're not a Kinder surprise kind of person. Maybe you prefer Kinder Bueno, the chocolate bar "with layers of delicious crispy wafer, milk chocolate, and hazelnut milky filling." British food company Hay Hampers teaches us how to make Bueno bar white hot chocolate — and the secret ingredient, apart from the Bueno bar itself, is milk spread, a sweetened dairy spread that you can get from Italian food specialty stores. 

Maybe you like to keep it classic and simple. No toy surprises, no wafer, no hazelnut. You can also make hot chocolate from the classic Kinder bar, a milk chocolate with a milky, creamy filling inside. Recipe blog Kitchen Mason shows us how, with the help of some popsicle sticks and some yogurt cups, we can melt Kinder bars down into just-add-water hot chocolate lollipops that can be given as a holiday gift or saved for later.