Here's How You Can Get A Year's Worth Of Keebler Cookies For Free

Keebler's iconic little cookie making mascot, Ernie the Elf, is spreading his elfin magic this holiday season far and wide as he celebrates 50 years of bringing joy to families with a special (and dare we say, uncommonly good) opportunity for you to win 50 weeks of cookies. You read that right, Keebler is giving away 50 weeks worth of deliciously sweet and yummy cookies — which amounts to about a year worth of treats, if you need help doing the math. Trust us when we say, you and your family will not want to miss out on the fun.

According to a statement sent to Mashed, beginning on December 4th (which not-so-coincidentally is National Cookie Day) at 9 a.m. EST and running through December 8th, it's game on. Keebler is challenging cookie lovers to take to TikTok to see if they can stack 50 of the brand's famous Fudge Stripes in 50 seconds for the #Keebler50in50 challenge. However, to enter the contest you don't have to participate in the social media dare. All Keebler fans have to do to be eligible to win is watch the #Keebler50in50 challenge video on Keebler's TikTok page, tag a friend, drop a cookie emoji in the comments, and follow @keebler. Sounds pretty easy to us, and what a great way to celebrate the head elf.

50 winners to be selected at random to receive 50 weeks of free cookies

Ernie the Elf first came to life and was handed the keys to the Keebler Hollow Tree in 1970 through the magic of the creative team at advertising agency Leo Burnett, and Ernie's rise to fame was nothing short of fudge-tastic. Since his debut, Ernie has starred in commercials with his Keebler elf buddies, and recently he even worked his elfish magic in an Instagram Lens game where players catch Fudge Stripes, Sandies, or Chips Deluxe cookies for the opportunity to be turned into Ernie and visit the famous Hollow Tree.

Ryan Nolan, Brand Manager, for Keebler at Ferrara said, "We... know that challenges are an essential part of TikTok, and we've seen families become more engaged in the TikTok challenges than ever before, as they spend time together at home, so we were inspired by this and created the Keebler50in50 challenge as something fun that families can do together." 50 winners will be selected at random, and they will receive 50 weeks' worth of free cookies. That's a lot of cookies to hopefully help you make 2021 a sweet year, indeed. Winners will get to choose from a selection of Keebler cookies, including Fudge Stripes, Pecan Sandies, and Chips Deluxe Original. It's true what they say, a little elfin magic really does go a long way. To find out all of the rules for the Keebler50in50 challenge, visit