Pepsi's New Spa Kit Feels Like You're Bathing In Soda

When you feel overworked and ready for some personal time, nothing beats a spa day. Whether you love to pamper yourself at home or take the time to relax at a proper center, nothing compares to the ways you treat yourself and let yourself indulge in warm baths, hot saunas, and rejuvenating skin treatments. Since COVID-19 hit, going out to your favorite sauna and spa feels perilous, but don't lose hope if you still want a relaxing day to unwind. According to Vogue, spas continue to work with an extremely limited patron capacity or rely on selling take-home spa kits, and with more months ahead of us where coronavirus keeps our favorite relaxation hotspots closed, Pepsi has given us a way to unwind at home.

In a statement to Mashed, Pepsi noted that it has launched the signature Pepsi spa kit for all of us who want to unwind and relax with the help of the cola brand. The kit comes with an exfoliating cola-scented Pepsi sugar scrub, refreshing Pepsi blue face mask, and a fizzing Pepsi cola-scented bath bomb. The items took inspiration from Pepsi's signature taste, look, and feel, including the eco-friendly packaging of the bath products. For those of us looking for a stocking stuffer or white elephant gift, this spa kit couldn't come at a better time.

This isn't Pepsi's first trial with merchandise

Pepsi merchandising has expanded far beyond the standard cola since the company began its operations. According to Best Product, the brand has released off-kilter colas like "ice cucumber" and the yogurt-flavored Pepsi White, while offering contests that promised avid fans that they could purchase a harrier jet by drinking enough soda (via CBS). So the tame comparison of a spa kit can get anyone excited about indulging in a Pepsi-branded spa day. After such a stressful year, this gift might be the item you need in order to end the holiday season on a high note.

If you can't wait to get your hands on one of these spa kits, Pepsi has the answer for you. In conjunction with the release, Pepsi plans to launch a sweepstakes to help anyone get their hands on one of these kits. Anyone interested simply needs to tweet #PepsiSpa and #Sweepstakes and tag a friend to enter and compete for a chance to win the kit. For those of us craving a spa visit but don't want to risk the social contact, this package not only helps us kick back and relax, but allows us to do so with the help of one of our favorite colas.