The Reason You Should Be Adding Eggnog To Your Coffee

When the weather turns cool and the holidays are near, there are few things beyond a hot, spiced coffee that can get you in a cheerful spirit. Whether you love cinnamon or nutmeg, there's one coffee add-in that takes the drink to a whole new level, and it is eggnog. Eggnog is the ultimate holiday coffee creamer. From the blended spices to the high-fat content, it makes your coffee all the creamier and dreamier thanks to the unique blend.

When compared to regular coffee creamer, eggnog is heavier and sweeter (via Life Hacker). Though it has more sugar and heavy cream than your typical coffee creamer, your taste buds will thank you from the first sip. Though you might not want to slip a bit of eggnog into your routine mid-week morning cup of joe, it's certainly a great way to start weekend mornings all through the peak holiday season.

Here's how you should add eggnog to your coffee

The best part about adding a bit of eggnog into your coffee is that it is so easy. All you have to do is pour a little bit into your coffee until it reaches the perfect level of creamy, sweet flavor that you love. You can even add a bit of eggnog and your cup of coffee to a cocktail shaker. When you shake it all up, you'll get a deliciously light and airy drink that's almost like drinking a caffeinated milkshake.

You might even want to try some alternative eggnogs. Some are made with almond milk, making them vegan-friendly nogs. Others, however, kick the flavor and spice up another notch. According to The TakeOut, Fireball Non-Alcoholic Cinnamon Holiday Nog is a real game-changer when added to coffee. Not only is it really tasty, but they say it's even better than coffee creamer. The Fireball eggnog allows the extra sweetness and cinnamon flavor to be evenly incorporated throughout the coffee, though the flavor is more subtle than it would be on its own.

Pick up your favorite kind of eggnog and give it a try. You might find you love the combination in your morning pick-me-up.