This Trendy Baking Kit Uses Finger-Sized Equipment

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If you're not a fan of those tiny baking shows on YouTube and TikTok, you probably just haven't seen them yet (via Delish). But, if you have, there's good news: you can create your own miniature baked goods this holiday season, thanks to this new tiny baking kit (via Little Obsessed). It only costs $18.99, and includes a knife, mixing spoon, pizza cutter, rolling pin, mixing bowl, pizza pan, pizza server, sheet pan, silicone cake and cupcake molds, silicone finger mitts, and a set of "wee spoons," all in miniature sizes.

These tiny utensils aren't just for show, either. They come with a 48-page recipe book with 20 recipes for tiny but tasty sweet treats like vanilla and chocolate cakes, chocolate chip cookies, lattice-crust fruit pie, and savory options like a frittata, bits o' bacon quiche, and a deep dish pizza. Sure, you won't get enough out of them to share with the whole family, but they will be perfect for novice bakers or instagram photos, and they're sure not to spoil your dinner.

More reasons to try out tiny baking

While it's easy to understand why and how people became obsessed with tiny cooking and tiny baking in particular (humans tend to think tiny things are cute), the trend actually originated in Japan, according to Delish. On Tik Tok, you'll find some very ambitious tiny recipes that beg the question: "Is this cuteness even worth the trouble?" — like tiny beef wellington, for instance (via Delish). However, sometimes all you want is a very small bite of cake or pie to satisfy your sweet tooth, which is where miniature baking comes in. Not to mention, none of the recipes in the tiny cookbook require any special ingredients.

If you're still not convinced, keep in mind that tiny baking creates very small messes that are quick to clean up (unlike most traditional baking), and it shouldn't take you long to wash the very tiny dishes, either. If this sounds like something you or your child would like, you can order this adorable stocking stuffer for just $19.99 on Amazon.