These Adorable Cheese-Themed Onesies Are Perfect For New Parents

Want to be sure right from the outset that your child appreciates cheese as much as you do? Get them started early with these personalized cheese-themed onesies. Plus, these onesies are from Babybel — arguably the cheese of childhood, as anyone who's spent their lunch period shaping the wax into a dinosaur or a swan can tell you. 

At the Babybel Boom website, you can personalize the onesie with your baby's name, so that it reads "Baby [your child's name]" in the Babybel font inside the Babybel logo. 

"As stay-at-home orders were enacted starting in March, many hypothesized that a baby boom would result nine months later," the press release states. "Whether we're actually about to face a baby boom or not, Babybel knows 2020 babies are a reason to celebrate. Families, friends and communities are finding hope and joy in the birth of new babies in a time that's been filled with uncertainty."

Babybel has decided to commemorate the babies conceived in quarantine with their own Babybel Boom, which they call "a celebration of goodness and optimism as we head into 2021."

Babybel hopes to provide comfort for you and your child

The $15 onesie is available in two sizes — three to six months or six to 12 months. Each onesie also comes with a little bonus for the parents — a coupon for Babybel cheese, perfect for lockdown comfort eating. 

It comes in a special Babybel gift box, making it the perfect present for the cheese lovers in your life who've just welcomed a new one into the family. Is it a little odd to give a gift that says, "Congratulations on conceiving during quarantine?" Like, maybe. But is it a little adorable? Also yes. 

A portion of the proceeds from onesie sales will go to the non-profit Baby2Baby, which "provides children living in poverty, ages 0-12 years, with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves." Here's hoping the proceeds from these onesies will also provide the children with cheese, which, one could argue, is a necessity that everyone deserves.