These Are The Cheesiest Foods On Instagram

I'm nothing if not a lover of cheese (seriously, ask literally anyone who knows me). While some people just can't help but drool over decadent chocolate desserts, it's  gooey, stringy, melty cheese that gets me every single time. In fact, I could spend hours on Instagram drooling over cheese pulls and piles of melty deliciousness. Lucky for you, I've gathered up some of my favorites to share with my fellow cheese enthusiasts. These are some of the absolute cheesiest foods on Instagram that have given me massive food envy — I'm pretty sure they're going to do the same for you.

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Mac and cheese tots

Crispy tater tots are one of life's great joys, evoking nostalgia from grade-school cafeterias and providing the perfect golden crisp that every good potato needs. But everything is better when it's covered with a super melty mac and cheese, right? If you have any doubts, these mac and cheese tots should assuage them.

Mac and cheese burger

Speaking of mac and cheese making everything better, burgers are certainly no exception. You'd be forgiven for not even being able to tell that there's a burger under all that cheesy goodness, but it's there. Even the cheese looks like it has some extra spicy surprises in the forms of peppers and/or onions. It's tough to tell, but either way this messy, cheesy, carby burger is one of the most drool-worthy burgers we've seen.

Gooey fried cheese

What kind of cheesy food roundup would be complete without fried cheese? As simple as it sounds, the perfect fried cheese with a crispy outer shell and epic stretchy cheese inside isn't always easy to come by. This fried cheese has stretch for days (and it doesn't hurt that the fried cheese is the size of your hand). No skimpy, frozen mozzarella sticks here. Just the real deal gooey goodness.

Pizza mac and cheese

If mac and cheese makes everything better, what makes mac and cheese better? Pizza, of course! This one is for the pepperoni lovers out there in particular, though the tomato sauce and Italian seasonings, plus ample cheese (of course), serve as inspiration for all sorts of pizza flavor combinations. Just look at that cheesy stretch! This is the one pizza you're definitely going to need a fork for.

Pasta cheese wheel

If even mac and cheese doesn't give you quite enough cheese on your pasta, this one's for you. We're not talking about a little bit of shaved Parmesan on top of your pasta, we're talking about pasta that's tossed inside a giant hollowed out cheese wheel. Cheese is scraped to the center so it will melt as the pasta is tossed and, in some restaurants, the cheese is lit on fire before the pasta is added to induce even more melting. Basically this is how you get the absolute most cheese on your pasta possible.

Stretchy cheese pizza

Cheese pizza may considered a safe choice for a lot of people, but a really great cheese pizza is anything but ordinary. Check out this slice, for example. With a layer of cheese in the middle of the dough, it doesn't even matter too much what other toppings are there. Sure, bacon is great and all, but the star of this slice is definitely the cheese. Cheese in the middle, cheese on top, the only way this could get any cheesier would be a cheese dipping sauce.

Cheesy nachos

Nachos are one of life's simple pleasures. You can put virtually anything on them (and they don't even necessarily have to have tortilla chips involved) just so long as there's also cheese. And boy do these nachos have cheese. While white queso may not be super authentic when it comes to Mexican food, it's one of the greatest things at Tex-Mex restaurants. It's melted, gooey, and (super importantly) also looks like it touches every single chip.

Grilled cheese

Like fried cheese, no cheese roundup would be complete without a grilled cheese sandwich. For many people likely the epitome of comfort food from childhood, the classic grilled cheese has certainly had an upgrade in recent years with flavor combinations limited only by your imagination. Still, there's nothing like a classic and this grilled cheese filled with at least two different kinds of cheese and the perfect golden crust has the kind of cheese pull that dreams are made of.

Four cheese burger

This burger may not have macaroni on it, but it makes up for it with four different, delicious cheeses. For those of you keeping track (which should be all of you), it has feta, mozzarella, smokey cheese sauce, and fried Parmesan. That's right, this is a burger that has fried cheese right on it. It's inevitably going to get messy, but it's going to be totally worth it.

Cheese toastie

Speaking of four cheeses, this cheese toastie is totally loaded. Sure, cheese toastie might just be another name for a grilled cheese (especially in the UK and Australia), but this one totally warranted a second spot on our list. As the original poster noted, it should be mandatory that all cheese toasties have this much cheese on them. It's so much cheese, we'll even forgive you for using a spoon to eat it.

Extra gooey mac and cheese

Want to know how you make mac and cheese extra gooey? The answer is obviously more than one kind of cheese. This mac and cheese has a lot of flavors going on (check out that Mexican corn), but the star is still the cheese — both manchego and Parmesan, to be exact. When you can scoop up a bite with your fork and get that kind of cheese pull, you know you're doing something right.

Cheesy tagliatelle served on cheese

Remember that cheese wheel pasta from earlier? The only problem with it is that once the cheese is taken out of the cheese wheel and put on a plate, that's the end of your cheesy goodness. Not so with this cheesy tagliatelle that's actually served on a block of cheese. On its own it has cream, black pepper, and walnuts, but that block of Grana cheese is everything. You can scoop up exactly the amount of cheese you want (which is clearly as much as possible). My only question is what happens once you're done? Hopefully you get to take the rest of that cheese block home.

Super cheese quesadilla

The whole point of a quesadilla is cheese, but sometimes that cheese plays second fiddle to all kinds of other fillings. That's why this super cheese quesadilla is so great. In fact, it's "double extra cheese" per the request of the person who ordered it. Now that's my kind of quesadilla. Just look at that cheese pull and tell me you don't want all of your quesadillas with "double extra cheese" from now on.

Cheesy French onion soup

While French onion soup may not be all about the cheese, you wouldn't know it by looking at this crock of it. While it comes with the rich onion broth and toasted bread you normally think of when you think French onion soup, the cheese isn't limited to merely sitting on top First, two round slices of cheese are placed on top of the entire crock (overlapping for maximum cheese coverage), then grated cheese is layered on top. It's finished under a broiler where the cheese melts all the way down the sides ensuring that every bite is cheesy. I'll never look at French onion soup the same way again.

Quad bacon cheeseburger

I know there's no shortage of burgers on this list, but burgers were made for cheese! This quad bacon cheeseburger knows what's up with as many slices of cheese as there are hamburger patties (four), along with bacon, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and a house-made secret sauce. The super lucky person who got to eat this burger may have understated it by calling the cheese game "strong," but either way, I want some.

Patty melt dog

Cheese on a hot dog is the only way I ever had hot dogs as a kid. It wasn't until I was in college that I learned some people don't put cheese on their hot dogs. Who are these monsters?! Luckily, this patty melt dog makes up for all my cheese-less hot dog fears by topping it not only with fries and bacon bits, but also melted cheddar cheese and a chipotle aioli.

3-cheese and onion pie

This one may not be one of the first foods you think of when you think "cheesy foods," but a savory pie made primarily of cheese certainly fits the bill. This one has three cheeses (provolone, manchego, and cheddar) along with creme fraiche, eggs, and finely chopped onion. All that creamy, cheesiness inside a flaky, golden crust and we're definitely in business!

Cheese volcano pizza

All pizza is great pizza (yes, even with pineapple — don't get it twisted), but pizza with a cheese volcano just takes it to another level. This is a thin crust pizza (I think I see some veggies under there like maybe broccoli and bell pepper), with a vat of liquid cheese in the middle. That cheese isn't just there for dipping though, it's also overflowing all over the top of the pizza — you know, like an erupted volcano. Pretty sure you're going to need a fork for this one too.

Cheese-stuffed burger cheese panini

If we're going to have another burger on this list, it needs to be a good one. And trust me, it is. What's better than a burger stuffed with mozzarella cheese? A burger that's stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in bacon (everyone knows that bacon is a pretty great companion to cheese), and then served on a grilled cheese panini. That's right, this burger has a grilled cheese in place of buns. Cheese achievement definitely unlocked.