This French Pizza Maker Just Broke A Very Cheesy World Record

If you're so compelled (and why on earth wouldn't you be?), you can watch French chef Benoit Bruel make his record-breaking pizza. It's not that the pie took a long time to make. In fact, the entire, painstaking process of measuring cheeses out onto the pie and baking it took just about two hours. It's nonetheless a once in a lifetime kind of deal. Bruel's 800 gram (a little over one and a half pound) pizza, which nabbed the dubious Guinness World Record honor for "Most Varieties of Cheese on a Pizza" on Monday, November 30, cost a steep $1,000 to make, according to calculations done by New York Post.

Bruel made a version of the pizza at least twice, reports NPR, having broken an Australian chef Johnny Di Francesco's 154-cheese pizza pie record in February, but without the proper documentation to prove it. Props to Grub Street for trying to pick out the cheeses that Bruel included on his officially record-breaking pizza, which included Tomme Artisanale Suisse de la Venoge aux truffes, Rocamadour, Manigodine, La Vieielle Louche, Quattrocento, raclette, Picolin, Comté 9 mois, an eight-month Comté 8, and Chaource. No word yet, as to whether he deigned to use a humble mozzarella.

This is how much cheese the pizza with the most cheeses in the world has

We'll get straight to the point. In its video, Guinness World Records insists that it's 254 kinds of cheese. Don't gasp yet. UPI wants you to know that it's actually 257. Bruel apparently added three more, last minute, to "round out the flavor profile." (No comment.) Incredibly, Bruel, who makes pizza for a living at Déliss' Pizza in Lyon, France was not motivated to break the previous 154- cheese record out of ego, but rather out of patriotism. He apparently told Guinness World Records that he thought the record should belong to France, "which is known for its cheeses" (via UPI).

What did it taste like? Watch the video and examine the incredulous faces of those lucky enough to sample the unbelievably cheesy pizza. Per New York Post, customers who did taste a slice paid "just under 50 euros" (around 60 USD) for the honor. Bruel has, undoubtedly, done something memorable for his country, he'll soon be receiving a certificate from Guinness World Records to commemorate the feat (via Instagram).