McDonald's Has Good News For Fans Of Its Holiday Pie

'Tis the month of December, and all through the land, McDonald's holiday pie lovers are huddled around Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram waiting to hear that one of their favorite seasonal treats has come out of hibernation. Well it looks like McDonald's holiday pie trackers are out in full force, causing quite a frenzy for those who have been waiting patiently for the past 11 months to delight their taste buds with this creamy and festive product. If you're one of those pie enthusiasts, we officially have good news for you. The wait is over, December is here, and apparently, there have been sightings of the iconic menu item popping up across the country as fans take to social media to share where and when they were able to purchase and enjoy the holiday treat. 

Most people are familiar with McDonald's beloved apple pies, which (per Todayhave been on the McDonald's menu for over 50 years, but the holiday pie was only semi-recently introduced to the delight of the world in 2012. Its creamy custard filling and the colorful sprinkles that adorn its flaky, sugar glazed, buttery pie crust are sure to bring a smile to any face, and at just 260 calories and 12 grams of fat per serving, McDonald's holiday pies don't make us feel guilty at all for being a little gluttonous (via McDonald's). So, now that we've established all the reasons you need to try this festive pie, where can you get one?

McDonald's Holiday Pie is only around for a limited time

Per the Facebook fan group McDonalds Holiday Pies, some lucky customers were able to find McDonald's holiday pies on December 1st, with one pie aficionado in Southeast Michigan sharing they had already had three! Feeling a little jelly? We get it — that vanilla custard is so creamy and delicious, it would even make a Grinch understand the true meaning of the holiday spirit. One McDonald's fan on Twitter, user @Faith4Love4Hope, said of the chain's holiday pie and other limited offering, the McRib: "Two things I will ALWAYS use all of my weight watchers points up for!!!!!!" 

While Twitter users desperately search for the beloved pies, Facebook users shared that they've been found in Northern Indiana, parts of West Virginia, and Greensboro, North Carolina, in addition to Michigan. At this rate, we may need to have Norad's Santa tracker start tracking the location of this seasonal favorite as well. But temper your hopes, because these holiday pies are only around for a limited time, and not every McDonald's franchise will have them. When asked about the holiday pie's availability, McDonald's responded via Twitter with: "Menu items vary by location... Holler at your nearest one for more info."