These Starbucks Ornaments Are Literally Filled With Hot Chocolate

While you might think that getting your Christmas tree securely (and standing straight) in the tree stand might be the most stressful part of decorating each year, some would argue it's actually getting the lights on and deciding which ornaments to hang. Fortunately, there are quite a few ornament options this year that come with pretty delicious beverages inside. Costco has been selling hot cocoa ornaments, with 12 different flavors, as well as whiskey bottle ornaments that you can take right off the tree and enjoy. Now Starbucks has joined the trend by selling its own take on hot chocolate ornaments. It's definitely a must-have stocking stuffer for the Starbucks fanatic in your family.

Instagram user FoodieWithTheBeasts posted a photo of the Starbucks hot chocolate ornaments from their local Walmart recently (via Delish). Each ornament is a classic paper Starbucks cup in either red or green, and each comes with a lid. All you have to do is hang them on your tree and enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate when you're feeling cozy and warm. Each pack of six Starbucks cup ornaments is $15, so you might want to pick up a couple of packs to enjoy yourself in the lead-up to Christmas, as well as to gift to others (via Popsugar).

This is what you'll find inside the ornament Starbucks cups

If you're wondering what's inside each of the Starbucks hot chocolate ornaments, then you should know you'll get to choose from two flavors of hot cocoa mix. The green cups are filled with double chocolate hot cocoa mix, according to Popsugar. The red ones come with a generous serving of peppermint hot cocoa mix instead. Whichever ornament you choose to pick off the tree, you really can't go wrong flavor-wise.

Once you have enjoyed all of your Starbucks hot chocolate ornaments, you'll have fewer ornaments to return to the storage bins and into the closet until next year. That means you'll have a little less to clean up when the holidays are over. Maybe everyone should have a set or two of these ornaments to help them start the clean-up process earlier. Getting to enjoy a classic holiday drink, both on the tree and as you sip it each night, is a no-brainer, too.