Costco Breakfasts You Should Have In Your Kitchen

Sure you know in theory that breakfast in the most important meal of the day, but who has time to cook a whole meal first thing in the morning when you're half-asleep and rushing to get ready for work on time? Plus, if you have a family, it can be all the more difficult to make sure everyone's getting the nutrients they need to start the day off right. Not to mention, it's often tempting just to pour a bowl of sugary cereal and save yourself the money and effort of preparing a real meal. 

Thankfully, with Costco's breakfast offerings, you and your family can start the day off right with minimal cost and effort. With affordable breakfasts that will be ready to eat now or in just a couple minutes, the wholesaler has you and your family covered. Keep these items in the house, and you can be sure that you'll all have a healthy, stress-free breakfast ready to go — even if you accidentally hit snooze a few too many times. 

Actually nutritious frozen waffles

Usually, no one with any kind of knowledge about nutrition would recommend you start your day with freezer waffles. Most of them are made with simple carbohydrates that are pretty useless when it comes to nourishing you and satisfying your appetite. These ones however are an exception. Nutritionist Heather McClees recommended to Kitchn that you pick up some Kashi Blueberry Waffles, which have 23 grams of whole grains and seven grams of fiber. They cost just $9 for 48 waffles, or 19 cents per waffle. Great nutrition for a great price. 

Nut butter and fig snack bites

Set yourself up for success with fiber, protein, and good fat with the help of Made in Nature's Nutter and Jelly Nut Butter Filled Figgy Pops. These are ready-to-eat energy balls made with only organic ingredients (via Clean Eating Magazine). It's like starting your day with a breakfast bar, except these instead are made of natural, sustaining ingredients to keep you energized throughout the day, rather than the kinds that consist of little more than pure refined sugar.

Keto-friendly breakfast sandwiches

Red's Keto Friendly Turkey Sausage Egg'Wiches are perfect whether you're on the keto diet or just looking for a protein-packed start to your day. With 17 grams of protein per sandwich, you're not going to go hungry. They're about $13 a box, or $1.63 a sandwich, which is much cheaper than an Egg McMuffin or a Dunkin breakfast sandwich; much healthier than many other options out there; and since it'll be ready in minutes in your microwave, much quicker than going out to the nearest fast food restaurant.

Sous-vide egg bites

This is another great protein-filled option, but with an upscale twist: Cuisine Solutions Sous-Vide Egg Bites come in a variety of flavor combinations including Kale and Spinach, Egg White and Roasted Red Pepper, and Turkey Sausage and Cheddar. My Wholesale Life found them at Costco for $11.99 for five servings, or $2.40 per serving. More expensive than some other Costco breakfasts, but still significantly cheaper than buying breakfast out. Serve them on tiny plates with a delicate garnish, and you'll be living the luxe life first thing in the morning. 

Superfood-fortified oatmeal

Another McClees recommendation is the Cuisine Adventures Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal, which includes flax and chia seeds and is sweetened with agave. At five dollars for six servings, or 83 cents a bowl, these individually-wrapped frozen oatmeal are rich in omega-3 fats, contain six grams of fiber, and are certified organic. To prepare the oatmeal, you just need to pop it into the microwave for three minutes. It's convenient, nutritious, and it'll keep you and your family full 'til lunch without breaking the bank.