This Viral TikTok Hack Turns McDonald's Fries Into Burgers

TikTok users who regularly see Jack Alexus on their "For You" page know to expect the unexpected. Sometimes he's an outdoor enthusiast, like when he introduced his 1.1 million followers to "leafaking," or riding a giant pile of fall leaves on a kayak. Other times, Alexus is a naturalist, as when he decided to find out what it was like to catch a fish – from the fish's perspective. Or when he attached a sheet to his wrists and ankles and tried to fly, just like a flying squirrel. Alexus' TikTok clout is hard-earned – so much so, that TikTok should add a disclaimer to each of his videos: Don't try this at home.

One of Alexus' more regular personas is crazy TikTok chef. He might not be a chef by trade, but he wields a chef's knife well enough to break (or so he claims) the world record for most Chicken McNuggets sliced at the same time. He did 37. But the 200,000 views his world record attracted were almost nothing compared to the 2.2 million views for his McDonald's french fry hack.

This TikToker has other additions to McDonald's menu

Maybe Alexus is onto something, and McDonald's needs to pay attention. A video he posted on October 10, with more than 350,000 likes, shows Alexus making a hamburger out of McDonald's french fries. First, he shows off his knife skills once again, chopping up two large orders of fries. Then he mashes them in a frying pan and cooks them into a patty shape. Next, he puts the twice-fried fries between a bun, with what looks like a chicken or Filet-O-Fish patty.

This might just be one Alexus video you can try at home. "Delicioso," Alexus exclaims before a friend walks up and hits him in the head with a baking pan. (Just leave the baking pan out of it, if you are going to try Alexus' french fry-burger hack at home.) A couple of weeks later, Alexus made a video showing another proposed McDonald's menu item – a "vegan" sandwich made by chopping up Chicken McNuggets, frying them into a patty shape once again, and then putting the end result inside a bun. Vegans would challenge him on the claim that it was "the first vegan meal I have ever made."

As for the french fry burger, Burger King might have stolen Alexus' idea. BK in Japan introduced a mysterious "fake burger" a couple of weeks after his TikTok. Burger King didn't tell its customers what the burger was until it debuted, on October 23: a french fry burger (via SoraNews24).