The Most Underrated Dunkin' Holiday Drinks

Everyone knows to look out for their favorite seasonal drinks as the holidays approach, but this year, Dunkin' gave everyone a bit of a surprise. In late October, the beloved coffee and donut chain announced its three holiday flavors: a signature peppermint mocha latte, a signature gingerbread latte, and a chai oat milk latte (via Brand Eating). But a little over a month later, on Dec. 2 according to Insider, Dunkin' added a sugarplum macchiato to their holiday lineup.

Though you undoubtedly have your go-to favorites when it comes to holiday drinks, like peppermint mocha lattes, there are a few on the menu this year that do not get their fair due. Namely, the chai oat-milk latte. The gingerbread latte and sugarplum macchiato are also not as lauded as they should be. 

To start, take another look at the sugarplum macchiato. According to a review by In The Know, it seems most people have either had bad reactions or just don't know what to think about this menu item. Some people said it tasted like "cough syrup" or "grape Jolly Rancher" on TikTok, but the review itself says the drink really packs a berry-flavored punch and is quite sugary. That seems to sound like, well, a sugared plum. The berry-flavored coffee might seem like an odd combination to some, but it really just needs some warming up to, it appears.

Here's what people have to say about Dunkin's underrated drinks

Another drink that has been unfairly written off (though it tastes good) is the gingerbread latte. There is a faction of Starbucks fans fans who are crazy about gingerbread lattes, but Starbucks didn't bring it back for the second year in a row. So, many of those fans are turning to Dunkin's gingerbread latte to fill the void. But Dunkin's version deserves more credit. In Insider's review, they said the latte was like a freshly baked holiday cookie. The drink is sweet but matched by all the right spices and no syrup or artificial-tasting flavors. Not to mention, Dunkin' added an iced version in addition to the hot latte, which definitely opens a door for die-hard iced coffee drinkers. 

Though the gingerbread latte was bound to be something of an obvious hit, it's the oat milk chai latte that might be the most underrated holiday drink at Dunkin' this year. It was deemed "pleasant" and "fragrant," according to Insider. Dunkin' hit the perfect combination of spices, especially the cardamom, in its chai tea blend, which lends itself to being a not-so-sweet drink. It still has sweet notes, but it is a welcome change to the other holiday options. Plus, the oat milk added a perfectly frothy foam and a sweet, creaminess to the drink to set it over the top as one of the best drinks on the menu this winter.