37% Of People Think This Is The Best Condiment

Behind every great burger (or hot dog) is an even better set of toppings. And everyone knows that while lettuce, tomato, and onion can be delicious add-ons, it's the condiments that really take your cookout fare to the next level. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish — the list of tasty sauces and spreads goes on and on. They aren't just for burgers and dogs, either. Whether it's Chick-fil-A's signature sauce for dunking nuggets or BBQ sauce slathered over wings, condiments can instantly upgrade any dish. 

But of all the creamy, saucy, spreadable options out there, which condiment is everyone's favorite? To find out, Mashed polled over 23,000 people worldwide on what the best condiment is: ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, or something else. And the results are in. According to survey respondents, the number one condiment is one that was first invented in 1812 and that has been a mainstay at cookouts and backyard barbecues ever since.

Pass the ketchup, please

It is hardly surprising that ketchup was by far everyone's favorite condiment, with 37 percent of respondents dubbing it the best. Not only has ketchup long been one of the most popular toppings (Today reports that last year, it brought in about $833 million in sales), but Spoon University also points out that it could have some surprising health benefits. One study found that lycopene, a key ingredient in tomatoes and thus ketchup, can help keep your heart healthy while another in 2007 found that adults who added ketchup or tomatoes to each of their meals had lower cholesterol levels.

Aside from ketchup, though, how did the other condiments fare? Mayonnaise came in second place with 21 percent of the votes, followed by barbecue sauce with 18 percent and then mustard with a mere 13 percent. As for the remaining 12 percent? They chose "other," which we can only imagine ran the gamut (relish or Thousand Island dressing, anyone?).