Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cleaning The Fridge

Cleaning the refrigerator is quite an undertaking. You never know just what you will find or how far past its expiration date it might be. No one wants to clean off jars of jam dripping with sweet syrup onto the shelves. It's a thankless and time-consuming task to the point you put it off until smells and spills make you want to gag. We've been there. It's not fun. We also have some tips that may help you avoid mistakes we all make when cleaning the refrigerator. These tips will help alleviate the amount of time you need to spend slaving over this dirty job and will also ensure you are cleaning this appliance effectively.

Per Real Simple, two of the most common mistakes we make in cleaning are using the wrong cleaning products and the wrong cloth or sponge to clean with. Epicurious notes that you will want to start your refrigerator cleaning using a scrubbing sponge and then have some microfiber cloths on hand to wipe things down. Microfiber cloths are great because they don't leave lint behind and can be easily tossed in the washer when they need to be cleaned. Better Homes & Gardens warns that you want to stay away from commercial cleaners because their scent can be transferred to your food. You can use tried and tested vinegar for your fridge cleaning or try mixing 1 part baking soda and 7 parts water.

Work top to bottom when cleaning your refrigerator

One mistake we all make before we even start cleaning the refrigerator is making certain we have enough countertop room to set foods, jars, and bottles on while we are doing the actual cleaning. Epicurious suggests having a "staging" area ready for just that. You can clean off your counters or even use a small table to ensure you have space to work and clean. Another common mistake we tend to make is where we start when we clean the refrigerator. You want to start on the top shelf and work your way down. Better Homes & Gardens notes that this is to ensure you won't run the risk of spills dripping or leaking onto shelves you already cleaned. But what about all those tiny crevices that are too small for a sponge or cloth? Use toothpicks or a soft toothbrush to work out any grimy dirt and food.

Don't forget the drawers and the doors. If yours are anything like ours, there's bound to be a couple of shriveled grapes and other bits and pieces from your produce at the bottom of your drawers. It's also recommended that you take the drawers out and wash them in the sink. While they are out, that's also the best time to wipe down the walls of your refrigerator. And last, but not least, wipe everything down with a clean cloth to help prevent mold growth.