Why You Shouldn't Eat Cheesesteaks At The Food Court

When it comes to sandwiches, they don't get much better than a Philly cheesesteak. Per Visit Philly, we have a Philadelphia hot dog vendor by the name of Pat Olivieri to thank for the existence of these savory and ooey-gooey sandwiches made with grilled beef; dripping with cheese, provolone or cheese whiz (we're not picky) and fried onions, and served on a crusty hoagie roll. These sandwiches were born in the 1930s and quickly found popularity. Fast-forward to the present day and Philly cheesesteaks can be found everywhere, including the food courts of the malls where we shop. And why wouldn't they be? We love these sandwiches, and what better time is there to nosh on one than when you are tired of spending money at the stores?

According to Statista, when mall-goers were surveyed in 2018 about how frequently they purchased something from the food court, 27 percent of those who answered said they buy something just about every time they visited a mall. But Philly cheesesteak sandwich lovers may want to think twice the next time they are in a mall and hit the food court in search of their beloved go-to, and here's why.

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches are full of fat and sodium

Beyond the story that Inside Edition did in 2010 about mall food courts that details some of the germy grossness that can occur at these gathering spots, you may want to forego your Philly cheesesteak at a food court because of all the calories and sodium you would be ingesting. In fact, Consumer Reports notes that we tend to take in more calories when we are shopping at a mall simply because they are designed to entice us with their smells wafting through the walkways whether that be the beloved Cinnabon or a Philly cheesesteak. 

Per Subway, their Big Philly Cheesesteak sandwich has a whopping 500 calories for a 6-inch sandwich, and how many of us are ever satisfied with the 6-inch version? On top of that, when you consume this sandwich, you are eating 17 grams of fat, a little over a quarter of your daily recommended intake, and 55 percent of your daily sodium. Make it a foot-long and you've surpassed your sodium and eaten over half the recommended daily fat intake. And that's healthy compared to a more authentic cheesesteak from a franchise like Charleys Philly Cheesesteak. At Charleys, a regular cheesesteak will pack on 780 calories, 38 grams of fat, and 2030 grams of sodium. Instead of eating at the food court, eat before you go to the mall and make your own healthier Philly cheesesteak at home.