Costco Shoppers Are Losing It Over These Giant Boxes Of Kit Kat Ice Cream

Is there anything better than wandering the seemingly endless aisles of Costco and stumbling upon a new product that you absolutely need to try? Well, during your next trip, keep an eye out for these delicious looking Kit Kat Minis wafer and fudge ice cream bars, spotted by Instagrammer costco_doesitagain. In less than 24 hours, the post already has over 15,000 likes and almost 400 comments, which is no surprise when you consider that Kit Kats are the fourth most popular candy bar in the United States (via Eat This, Not That).

If you're looking at this with a sense of déjà vu, you're not alone; Costco already sells large boxes of Kit Kat-branded ice cream cones with similar packaging, however these mini ice cream bars are a new and different item (via Diply). The difference? Well, they're smaller, easier to snack on, and definitely more reminiscent of an actual Kit Kat bar, just with ice cream, rather than an ice cream cone with a bit of Kit Kat coating (via Delish).

What to expect from these new Kit Kat minis

According to the picture on the box, these Kit Kat ice cream bars look like regular, vanilla dairy ice cream, with a well of fudge on top and a wafer and chocolate coating (via Totally The Bomb). The wafer pieces look like they're mostly sequestered to the top of the bar, above the fudge, while the chocolate coats the bar all the way around. Of course, they're not a Costco exclusive item, so you could also find them at your other local grocery or convenience store, but if you buy them there, you'll just get 12 mini bars per box (keep in mind: a serving is 4 bars), per Best Products. Meanwhile, at Costco, a box contains 20 mini bars.

However, while these Kit Kat Minis do look addictively delicious, they might not have a high enough Kit Kat-to-ice-cream ratio for some, which is why you can always try making your own version at home, stuffed full of KitKat bars, like this Reddit user.