Over 50% Of People Agree That This Fast Food Restaurant Has The Best Coffee

Whether you like it black, with cream and sugar, or blended into a fancy skim soy vanilla latte (hold the whip) from Starbucks, it is no secret that Americans love coffee. In 2018, the National Coffee Association found that 64 percent of Americans drink coffee daily. That number has steadily increased over the years, hitting its highest point since 2012. Even more impressively, according to the 2019 Statista Global Consumer Survey, some 44 percent of people drink two to three cups every day, while 16 percent consume as much as four to five cups.

But when we are craving a caffeine hit, where do most Americans prefer to go? Mashed polled more than 600 people to find out which fast food restaurant has the best coffee: McDonald's, Dunkin', Subway, Wendy's, Burger King, or "other" (i.e. Starbucks, Peet's, and the like). One of the above chains won more than half of coffee drinkers' hearts, beating out the others by a significant margin.

America really does run on Dunkin'

Given that Dunkin' was the only survey option that has really built its brand around its coffee (and its donuts), it is not surprising that the popular chain came out on top in the battle for the best fast food coffee. More than 52 percent of respondents chose Dunkin' as their favorite cuppa — and it is not the first time fans have spoken up about their love for the Massachusetts-based chain. According to a 2019 Harris Poll, not only was Dunkin' the number one destination for coffee (tied with Krispy Kreme), but it was also the number one at-home brand for a cup of joe, too.

How did other chains fare in comparison to Dunkin'? McDonald's came in second, with about 32 percent of the votes, followed by "other" with nearly 10 percent. Most of the "other" respondents wrote in Starbucks, with some choosing Peet's Coffee and Panera. The other chains — Burger King, Wendy's, and Subway — were hardly even contenders, with none of the above earning even more than three percent of votes. Guess where we are headed on our next coffee run?