Starbucks' Candy Cane Cold Brew Secret Menu Drink Changes Everything

As the holidays continue to barrel towards us, we need to enjoy all the seasonal flavors as much as possible before time runs out. We just can't celebrate the festivities right without candy canes, and our combined love for this flavor doesn't show any sign of stopping. According to The Conversation, candy canes continue to rank as the number one best-selling non-chocolate candy during December, and when we get surrounded by so many great products that include this classic flavor, who can blame us for loving it? If you just can't get enough of this candy, you can take your peppermint love affair to the next level by hacking your local Starbucks menu to include this sweet treat. 

According to Totally The Bomb, you can custom-make your very own candy cane cold brew from Starbucks' secret menu until Dec. 26th. In order to grab one of these hidden drinks for yourself, the site explains to start your order with a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew with no vanilla, add four pumps of white mocha and four pumps of peppermint, and top it off with two more pumps of peppermint in the cold foam and a handful of holiday sprinkles. Considering the base Venti Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew has a serving of 23 grams of sugar, its the perfect sickly sweet treat for the holidays (via Starbucks).

Starbucks is no stranger to candy cane drinks and treats

Candy cane fanatics have been trying to concoct their perfect coffee concoctions at Starbucks for years. According to Starbucks Secret Menu, creative patrons found that you could create a basic candy cane Frappuccino by combining a vanilla bean Frappuccino with one or two pumps of peppermint syrup. If you crave a hot drink, other intrepid Starbucks fans found that you can custom-make a candy cane latte by ordering a vanilla latte and combining the drink with a pump each of white mocha syrup and peppermint syrup, all topped off with whipped cream and raspberry syrup (via My Starbucks Life).

If you just can't get enough candy canes this winter, make sure to take action and grab some of these special coffee creations while you can. Once the holidays come to a close, we probably won't see this festive flavor until this time next year, and you'll definitely want to make sure to get your fix while you can. Just use these useful hacks to create your dream caffeinated treat that can satiate any sweet tooth and keep you coming back until the peppermint syrup runs out!