This TikTok Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Hack Changes Everything

Say what you want to about Lofthouse sugar cookies. When actor and foodie, Liam Donafee, saw @michaellasmitth's TikTok hack, he did. "These cookies are trash," he lashed out, and started a food debate almost as heated as New York vs. Chicago style pizza. We digress. Say what you want about Lofthouse sugar cookies, @michaellasmitth's sugar cookie TikTok hack is a game-changer. From the looks of it, the video's 2 million views think so, too. And while some viewers have gone so far as to call on Gordon Ramsay's opinion, last we checked, the celebrity chef is too busy jamming out in Christmas PJs to be thinking about anything else.

And, even if you're not a fan of Lofthouse's cookie offerings, there's no reason that any other frosted sugar cookie in the world wouldn't work, as long as they'll fit into a waffle iron. 

How to waffle iron a sugar cookie

It's as straightforward as it sounds. Stick a frosted sugar cookie into the waffle iron for a couple of seconds, remove, and serve. One of @michaellasmitth's TikTok followers rates the hack a respectable 8.5 out of 10, noting that "the frosting gets crunchy." Others were notably more impressed. "Why you gotta go and change my life like that?" wrote an amazed follower. "This is the content we need to inspire our youth! Keep up the insightful work," gushed another.

Full disclosure, we haven't had a chance to put a sugar cookie into a waffle iron yet, but it seems that the only thing that might get complicated about this hack is the clean up afterward. A sugar cookie coated in cream cheese frosting, would, no doubt, react differently to a waffle iron than a sugar cookie coated in royal icing. Of course, @michaellasmitth has put donuts, cinnamon rolls, and Rice Krispies Treats into their waffle iron, and it seems to have survived.