The Reason Costco Shoppers Are Complaining About This Taco Seasoning

Ah, Costco! The wholesale retailer is notorious for its, well, wholesale approach to business. Big bulk sizes for big discounts is the name of the game in the vast hangars of their locations, and that's only part of what makes them big. They're one of the bigger pizza chains in the U.S., for one (via Business Insider). They also have a surprisingly big heart for a major company, seeing as they're historically one of America's best places to work, and their minimum wage is comparatively high. That's a lot of positives, even before we get to the subject of their delicious hot dogs

Of course, the company's reasonably shiny reputation means that even small errors may come across as glaring. When the company removed the Polish dog from its food court repertoire, chaos ensued. More recently, some consumers have expressed their distaste for Costco's taco seasoning — that small, yet significant component of every Taco Tuesday. Let's take a look at the reason Costco shoppers are complaining about this taco seasoning. 

Customers think Costco's taco seasoning has too much fire and too little flavor

In the comments on an Instagram post about Costco's The Spice Lab All Natural Taco Seasoning, several users point out that the product's taste leaves a lot to be desired. What's more, it's far too spicy for several folks' palates. 

"We like this but it's too spicy for kids," one user commented. "Bring back the old!!!" another one exclaimed. "This is far too spicy with not enough flavor." The old one they're referring to appears to be McCormick's version of the taco spice, which multiple people seem to rate significantly higher than the evidently picante Spice Lab spin on the theme. "It's WAY spicier than the McCormick that we used to get at Costco," one user opined. "Have to use about half the amount and it's still quite a kick... Still trying to get the amount right and not choke our Taco Tuesdays out with too much heat." Yet another user confirms that McCormick's Premium Taco Seasoning indeed seems to be the preferred brand, with a more moderate kick. "They need to bring back the McCormick Premium taco seasoning."

Of course, everyone's palate is different, and by the sound of it, fans of spicier stuff may very well prefer the Spice Lab version. Still, the hotness factor is good to keep in mind if you purchase the product.