McDonald's Just Launched A Burger Made With Spam And Oreos

When it comes to food, how adventurous can you get? Are you someone willing to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster of sorts and subject yourself to unusual flavors just to find out what you can end up loving? Well, in what can be called a short trip down memory lane, some of the most unusual and gutsy menu items that McDonald's has introduced over the years include the McCrab sandwich that was launched in 2003 and didn't impress anyone, the onion nuggets from the 1970s that disappeared as quickly as they showed up on the menu, and a lobster roll called McLobster that was relatively expensive at $3.99 in 1992 (via Eat This, Not That!).

Well, the restaurant chain is set to launch yet another unusual menu item, a burger made of Spam and what appear to be Oreo cookies, that's only being rolled out in China. Here's what you need to know about this quirky dish.

It's generating strong reactions online

In case you are wondering what exactly is in this menu item, as reported by Hypebeast, the sandwiches will have, well, crumbled cookies, Spam, mayonnaise, and a bun. These burgers are the result of an official collaboration with the Spam brand. According to Kotaku, it's not clear if Oreo cookies are officially involved or if Oreo-like cookies are being used. The number of sandwiches produced might be capped at 400,000. Set to go on sale in China starting December 21, the burgers will be up for grabs for ¥13.14 RMB (around $2 USD).

Reddit users have strong opinions on the unusual burger. A commenter said that they were curious but also seemed positive that it would be bad, posting, "I want to try it just so I can see how bad it is." A different user wrote that they felt a stomach ache coming on simply by reading up on the burger while someone else said that they're going to come up with a homemade version of the dish to find out what it is like. Another adventurous Redditor recommended Spam-dy bars, which – for those of you with unusual tastes – is a meat-based candy bar consisting of Spam with a coating of dark chocolate and candied pecans. 

One commenter expressed hope for the burgers, writing, "This seems crazy enough that someone at corporate really has to have faith that it's good. Maybe I'd give it a shot." Would you?