Things You Should Never Do In Sam's Club During The Pandemic

It's been a rough year, but with the added stress and demands of the holiday season (especially during a pandemic), one can sometimes forget that rudeness and entitled behavior will land us on the naughty list. Luckily, an elf (employee) at Sam's Club issued a little reminder via Reddit.

The post lists five tips for members that might seem obvious, but all the gold, comments, and upvotes imply that they are actually common problems displayed at Sam's Club (and probably other stores too) at this time of year. The tips are essentially: 1. Paying the club membership fee doesn't give you the right to be a jerk, 2. Please don't show up 10 minutes before closing to do your shopping, 3. Please don't bring the entire family to shop during a pandemic, 4. Try looking at the posted signs to answer your question before bothering an employee, and 5. If you must ask an employee, please be nice about it. They all seem like basic common courtesy asks, but other associates were quick to chime in with even more pandemic-specific pet peeves.

What Reddit had to say about this Sam's Club post

In just four days, this post in the SamsClub subreddit is 90 percent upvoted, with other "associates" sounding off in the comments about their member pet peeves from this strange holiday season, for instance: "Stop asking if we have toilet paper or paper towels when you don't see any where it's normally stocked... Also don't ask us if we know when we're getting another shipment in as we don't know."

Others posted about rogue members making it even harder for them to keep stores sanitized by sneaking past barriers to, say, try on different frames in the optical department while it's very clearly closed: "We do our best throughout the day to keep things sanitized. When you come in when we're closed and rifle through the frames, we don't know what you've touched. We know you've been there, because you're not as sneaky as you think you are, but we don't know how many people were in, so we get to sanitize all 600+ frames on the board, while also trying to help patients who have actually made an appointment to be there." In all, the requests seem more than reasonable and, in fact, quite in the holiday spirit. Remember, regardless of how you feel about Santa, that the Sam's Club associates will know if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakes!