Everything You Need To Know About Carlos Santana's New Coffee Company

For a ten-time Grammy Award-winning guitarist with a long list of career accomplishments, it seems there was one thing missing in the life of famed musician Carlos Santanacoffee. According to a press release shared by PRWeb, Santana's latest venture isn't in the studio or on the stage, but rather in the food and drink industry, as he launches his very own coffee company, aptly named The Carlos Santana Coffee Company. And if you're a Santana fan or were around in the '90s, we're betting you'll be able to quickly guess the name of some of the featured blends. Hint: One tasty blend will make for a smooth cup of coffee! 

You can expect great things from The Carlos Santana Coffee Company. For one, Delish says the high quality coffee blends are all hand-crafted, premium, and fresh-roasted, though they do run a bit pricier when compared to other coffee brands. The blends feature recognizable names from some of Santana's famous hits such as "Smooth" (named after his 1999 single featuring Rob Thomas), "Evil Ways", and "Oye Como Va." If the awesome names aren't enough to have you wanting to collect them all, the amazing artwork will!

The six varieties are each priced at $20 for a 12-ounce bag, but can also be purchased at $18 if you join the subscription program which offers delivery every 14, 21, 30, or 60 days. Catering to all types of coffee lovers, The Carlos Santana Coffee Company also offers the blends in either ground or whole bean, with caffeinated or decaffeinated options.

More than coffee

While the coffee venture opens up a ton of possibilities for Carlos Santana, there seems to be only one he's looking forward to — charity. Partnering with Global Coffee Company, The Carlos Santana Coffee Company has one goal in mind according to the company website: "to serve fans and friends around the world the best cup of coffee while helping children in need."

For each purchase made, The Carlos Santana Coffee Company will donate a portion of the proceeds to Santana's charity, The Milagro Foundation — which Delish says was founded in 1998 to help young people and underprivileged communities worldwide. "We believe that life is a miracle and that children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives," says Carlos Santana in the press release. "It is an honor to partner with Icon Global Coffee and with each cup of coffee, make a significant difference in the world. And as we say 'Wake up and smell the future!'"