This Weird Discount Has Aldi Shoppers Laughing

Aldi is well known for its low prices, so when a photo of a sale sticker gets over 300 upvotes on r/Aldi, it's usually for a good reason. However, this post by Reddit user drdisney shows a dozen Goldhen Large Eggs are on sale at Aldi for only 97 cents... down from 98 cents. The caption reads: "While I appreciate the effort, I think it cost them more for the paper, toner, and labor to change the price then the actual savings itself."

Surprisingly, this innocuous observation prompted an interesting discussion in the comments, mainly surrounding the possible reasons for the sign's existence. For instance, one user wrote: "[Eggs] are the loss leader for Aldi. My Aldi and the local Kroger were in an egg price war summer before last. Cheapest I saw there was 17 cents a dozen..." However this was just the beginning of the Aldi egg pricing observations.

The truth behind Aldi's egg price tags

The number of comments on u/drdisney's post about interesting Aldi egg signs in different parts of the country might help to explain why this one cent sale was deemed important enough to warrant reprinting. For instance, according to one Redditor, "In... Atlanta they had a sign a couple months ago apologizing for the higher egg prices. I checked and the old price was 0.24 and the new price was 0.29." Clearly the fluctuating price of eggs has become something of a hot button topic amongst Aldi customers (of course, that doesn't mean you should be buying your eggs at Aldi!). However, this information doesn't necessarily justify the act — and cost — of printing a one-cent sale sign. 

Another user posted a possible explanation for the extraneous egg signage, writing: "my Aunt has to change out tags... and if she doesn't do it in a certain amount of time there's a fine from the county for every tag not swapped out..." Apparently this fine applies even to one-cent differences, which could explain why any store would spend time, paper, and toner just to print a one cent sale.