This Is What Paula Deen's Husband Really Does For A Living

Paula Deen, TV personality and chef, has not had it easy in the least. According to her official website, her first stint in the industry was at a difficult time: she'd lost her parents, was recovering from a broken marriage, and taking care of her kids. She began a catering company, The Bag Lady when she just had $200, and her kids pitched in, delivering their mom's delicious home-cooked Southern-style food to their customers.

Paula Deen has come a long way from the time she first set foot in the culinary world. She really has made massive progress. both professionally and personally. After her divorce, Deen took her time to focus on her career and kids. In fact, she chose to remain single for 15 years until things changed in 2004, and she got married to her current husband, Michael Groover. Curious about Deen's husband and his job history? We're telling you everything you need to know. Trust us – it's quite interesting.

He has been a tugboat captain

Deen and her husband's career paths are quite different. While Deen is, of course, a talented chef, Groover held down a job as a tugboat captain in Georgia. He took Deen out on a date on one of his boats when they first met, which is pretty adorable. He's now a retired man but has had a rather adventurous life away from the public eye. 

Additionally, according to Delish, Groover has written a book called My Delicious Life With Paula, reflecting on his experiences before and after meeting Deen and what it's like to be in love with a celebrity chef. He has also given his wife company and appeared on shows with her including an appearance back in 2011 on Paula's Best Dishes. The couple spent time making seafood during that episode, a definite tribute to Groover's time as a tugboat captain.