How Guy Fieri Has Filmed So Many At-Home Episodes During The Pandemic

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has been on a roll for the last few months. During the pandemic, the enterprising cook has found ways to keep himself occupied and work on several projects. Not only is he still creating content for his fans, he's also giving back to society by being as helpful as he can, especially when it comes to supporting the restaurants and founders who have been affected. For example, he came up with a fantastic idea for a documentary: arming four restaurateurs with GoPro cameras in a bid to highlight the troubles that they've been forced to deal with during the pandemic (via Grubstreet).

Aside from his new endeavors, surprisingly, Fieri has even continued working on his popular Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, undeterred by the pandemic. While the process has undoubtedly changed a bit, you're probably wondering how the chef managed to pull it off in the first place. Read on for all the details.

Guy Fieri's set up at home has made it possible to continue filming his ideas

In case you're curious how Guy Fieri has managed to continue filming from home, the answer is super simple. As Grubstreet explained, Fieri is blessed with a studio-size kitchen space that easily allows him to shoot at home and create new content, even amid isolation periods. Plus, the lively host managed to arrange video interviews with local chefs for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (via The Wrap) to keep momentum going.

Another show, Triple D To-Go, is also in the works, which follows experienced chefs who come up with scrumptious food options, like do-it-yourself taco kits, that get sent to Fieri, who then judges the meals with his son Hunter. Fun! They've already managed to shoot 20 episodes, so at least you can bank on a small backlog of classic Fieri thoughts and banter for the foreseeable future. Fieri explained, "In New York, you can get everything, but in the rest of the country, carryout has blown up in a great way, and I think it's here to stay."