This McDonald's Was Just Invaded By Chickens

It appears a pair of chickens have finally had enough of America's fast-food chicken nonsense and decided to take matters into their own hands, according to WCBS News Radio. The chickens took their grievances straight to the source, a Route 31 South McDonald's — and stormed the capitol, so to speak, breaching its perimeter on January 5, and slipping past its nonexistent security to wreak havoc on unsuspecting customers in the drive-thru parking lot (via ABC7 NY). Luckily, the chickens were apprehended and their rightful owners have been found (via Facebook).

The police department in Washington Township, N.J., noted on Facebook that the chickens were seen "harassing" and "chasing" customers before an Assistant Chief Officer, known as Robbie, stepped in to reign in the rogue invaders. The McDonald's manager, along with Robbie, the department's "animal 'havoc' expert," successfully rounded up the feathered infiltrators (one with a net, said ABC7 NY) and brought them to an animal shelter, where they faced either a safe return to their owner within seven days or adoption.

Animal invaders all over the world

The chickens weren't the only animals that made headlines this year for their opportunistic hijinx. In April, CNN reported that sheep in south Wales had "descended on a McDonald's" and were spotted nibbling grass outside the fast-food chain, taking advantage of the deserted parking lot for a little sheep "me time." Welsh sheep also took a liking to a playground, and as footage from the BBC confirms, they were actually spotted taking a quick ride on the merry-go-round.

Over in East London, a herd of deer posted up at a "housing estate" in April, making themselves at home on the lawns and grazing while humans took to their homes during initial pandemic lockdowns (via My London). Pumas stalked the streets of Santiago, Chile (via Global News). Macaque monkeys stirred up drama in Lopburi, Thailand as groups of them fought one another in an abandoned tourist area. In Northwestern India, a pack of dogs chased a wild boar into a sewer trough in the street. 

Apparently, it's an animal's world and we're just living in it.