Costco Shoppers Are Divided On These Boba Filled Cakes

While Costco is a great place to pick up ordinary household staples like produce, cereal, and paper towels — it also occasionally offers its shoppers the chance to try out some more unconventional products. For example, some Costco locations have just begun stocking boxes of Boba Pineapple Cake by Yuki, which is a pineapple cake that is flavored with milk tea and filled with pearls of boba (via Instagram costcodeals). Boba is a chewy, gluten-free ball made from tapioca starch, which originated in Southeast Asia, according to Spoon University. It has been a popular ingredient in Asian recipes for years, and more recently the boba trend has made its way into many American dishes.

Instagrammer costcodeals posted about the new item writing, "Loving the boba craze right now and this Pineapple Boba Cake by Yuki & Love goes right along with it! Only $6.69 for this 16 count!" For boba fans, this announcement was welcome news. One user excitedly commented, "omfg!! Are u kidding me???!! I need this in my life!" While another wrote, "the boba trend continues."

Not every Costco shopper is a fan of boba

But not everyone is on board with the boba trend. One Instagram user wrote on costcodeals' post, "Any regular pineapple ones without boba?" A different user joked, "I mean I like boba but I'm not sure about these," and another added, "Hard pass for me lol." Some Costco shoppers were simply confused by the product. An Instagram user wrote, "boba cake???? I've never heard of this," while another commented, "I have mixed feelings but would definitely try it!" 

Boba can certainly be a unique experience for those who have never eaten it before, but these days, with boba being added to cakes, teas, smoothies and even ice cream, it's certainly worth giving it a try. As for the shoppers who really can't stand the tapioca treat, they are still in luck. There are several tropical cake options at Costco sans boba, including its Isabelle Pineapple Mini Cakes, Mango & Strawberry Cheesecakes, or its decadent Tropical Paradise Coconut Cake. The Costco bakery has dozens of dessert options available, so it's sure to have a sweet treat to satisfy any taste.