Aldi Shoppers Are Raving About These Frozen Avocado Chunks

You might recall the increase in avocado-related injuries a few years ago when the food rose to its popularity. According to Insider, in 2018, 8,900 people had to visit the hospital because of mishaps with avocados. While it is still important to learn and use safe knife skills, there's good news for those who would rather avoid cutting the sometimes slippery food. That good news comes in the form of a new product that has graced Aldi's website and stores: Season's Choice Frozen Avocado Chunks.

The product was first spotted on the shelves of the budget-friendly store by Aldi fan Instagram account @AldiFavoriteFinds on Thursday, January 7. According to the Aldi website, the frozen avocado chunks come in 10-ounce bags that cost just $2.99 each. That's quite a steal for Aldi shoppers to keep an eye out for. Plus, it just might help some shoppers skirt the need to slice and dice their own avocados. While customers were pleased to hear about the new addition, many are discussing how the frozen bites can be used.

Here's what you should know about Aldi's frozen avocado chunks

The question was first posed in the @AldiFavoriteFinds caption on Instagram, "Frozen avocado chunks are back @aldiusa! How will you use them?" Within a day of the post, the avocado chunks received more than 2,600 likes. Soon after, people began tagging their friends to alert them to the product and share the exciting way they can find avocados at Aldi now. They were also keen to explain how they could be put to good use once at home in the kitchen.

One commenter said, "I've only heard of them being used for smoothies." Another wrote, "I throw them in a burrito bowl!" A third simply said, "Omg, like what?! Pre-cut avocado," followed by a mind-blown emoji.

For people who have trouble finishing their avocados before they get overripe, frozen avocado chunks are a great swap. When thawed, they can be used to stack avocados high on toast or in guacamole. EatingWell recommends tossing frozen avocados into your smoothies for a quick fiber and healthy fat addition. Keep an eye out for them at your local Aldi to give them a try.