This Unique Valentine's Bouquet Is Perfect For Reese's Lovers

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Valentine's Day isn't the biggest holiday for candy sales, but it's high on the list. Statista lists Valentine's Day as fourth among four big chocolate holidays, behind Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. So it makes sense that candy companies try to get in on the action with special heart or romance-themed variations on its regular products. After all, candy lovers can't live on Sweethearts conversation hearts alone on Valentine's day.

That's why everything from Oreos and Twinkies to Starburst and Sour Patch Kids make something red or heart-shaped (or both) for the Feb. 14, holiday (via Delish). Jelly Belly even makes a red, pink, and white version of candy corn called cupid corn.

We can now add Reese's to the list. In fact, we found two Valentine-themed Reese's Peanut Butter Cup offerings this year. The one you choose to purchase for your beloved might show how romantic you are. You can buy the box of 20 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with a pink banner on the package that reads, "big box o' love," and your significant other might be happy enough. But if you really want to wow your chocolate-and-peanut-butter-loving belle or beau, you'll get them the Reese's extravaganza candy bouquet.

A Reese's bouquet costs about as much as two dozen roses

The Reese's candy bouquet, put together by the folks at Gifts 2 Go Now, includes 24 individually wrapped peanut butter cups mixed with artificial orange flowers and is adorned with orange wrapping (via Best Products). The bouquet had been sold at Walmart in past years but is now available with a click at Amazon for $44.99 — about the same price as a basic bouquet of two dozen red roses, but much more delicious (via

The reviews of this product on Amazon were definitely mixed. A few people claimed the Reese's bouquet didn't look like the picture, and two reviewers even said they didn't get all 24 peanut butter cups. Another reviewer said the opposite, "It actually looked a ton better in person." And a customer named Dean, cut right to the chase in their five-star review, "'s candy so it's good."

If you do want to get someone special a 2,520 calorie bouquet (via Hershey's), you might want to act quickly. The Amazon page we loaded says supplies are running out.