Costco Fans Are So Excited For This Korean BBQ-Inspired Flank Steak

Fans of tasty, tender, marinated beef have another reason to make a Costco run. The Costco fan account @costcodeals posted photos on Instagram on January 7 of a Korean barbecue steak that recently appeared in stores in the Northwest, the Southeast, and Texas. Korean-style barbecue, also called bulgogi, is beef or pork sauteed in ripe fruit with ginger, soy sauce, sugar, and pepper (via The Kitchn). The product now available at Costco is made of beef flank steak and comes from Today's Kitchen – a brand name used by the agribusiness giant Cargill. (If you're interested in environmental matters, you might want to do some research. The environmental group Mighty Earth named Cargill the "worst company in the world" in 2019.)

Sticking to the merits of Cargill's Korean-style beef, a lot of people seem to be fans. Those who commented on the Instagram post raved about the barbecue flank steak – maybe, in some cases, without having tried it yet.

The Instagram user @florianalan tagged a friend under the @costcodeals post and said, "We need this in our life." These two can find the Korean-style barbecue at Costco for $8.39 a pound. Meanwhile, @beth444 had definitely tried the new Korean barbecue steak at Costco. "This is the most tasty flank steak," she commented. "It was unbelievably tender and flavorful! [We'll definitely] be purchasing it regularly."

One Costco shopper warns, 'They'll be gone by Saturday'

It appears that more than one marinated Korean beef is now available at some Costco stores because another Instagram commenter wondered how the Today's Kitchen version compared to the Kirkland Korean beef. @meaganmeehan responded to @mr.petticrew's question. "This one is more balanced, more spice-forward, and sweet on the back end," she commented, referring to the Today's Kitchen version.

When someone on Instagram asked how to cook the Korean barbecue steak, @kcotharin listed some options: "Grill, grill pan, or oven."

A couple people on Instagram advised shoppers to cut the steak against the grain after it's cooked. This means lining up your knife perpendicular to the muscle fibers in the steak (via Better Homes & Gardens). That way, you cut through the fibers, making the portions easier to chew.

A shopper at the Costco in Bountiful, Utah found the Korean barbecue flank steak on Thursday and had a warning for anyone in her area who might want to grab their own: "Hurry. They'll be gone by Saturday."