These Are The Funniest Behind-The-Scene Moments Shared By The Pioneer Woman

Food blogger and TV personality Ree Drummond, also called the Pioneer Woman, is incredibly fun on camera. As most of her fans would say, the Food Network star comes with relatable content on a regular basis. She's continued to keep her viewers entertained during the pandemic, shooting from her family ranch and even including her kids and her husband in some of her videos. 

According to the Pioneer Woman's blog, shooting at home while coping with the pandemic has been a huge change in terms of preparing for unexpected challenges, sharing a few goofy moments, and having lots of fun with her children, who are now a part of her show. Recently, Drummond said, "I hope you are still enjoying the shows the kids and I are shooting. They may be a little silly at times, but they very accurately depict what things are like in our kitchen, our lives, our daily routine."

Well, there have been plenty of lighthearted moments on The Pioneer Woman ever since Drummond and her family took over. Here's a glimpse.

Expect a lot of laughter and goofy moments from the Pioneer Woman

As the Pioneer Woman's blog pointed out in July 2020, if there's one thing that her namesake show has done right in recent times, it's sharing plenty of enjoyable moments for those who need to unwind and relax while watching Ree Drummond and her family have a little fun in front of the camera. Here's one hilarious example: As Drummond's daughter Alex's boyfriend, Maurico Scott, accompanies the Pioneer Woman in one of her recipes videos with his camera, he gets slightly closer than intended and the sprightly blogger remarks (via Instagram), "Social distance, please."

In another fun incident, when Drummond asks her son Todd what he's doing, he comes up with the perfect answer. "Whatever dad tells me to do," he said. Cute! There's more. Drummond realized that filming with her family members is definitely not the same as working with a professional crew. "My daughters don't like pimentos, I guess?" Drummond joked. "I found this out when I picked up the jar and Paige started shaking her head no. My regular TV crew doesn't do that!"

This one time, there was also a fake snake on the show. Drummond couldn't help getting scared for a second before she figured out it was just a joke. Haha. Hard to dislike something so fun, eh?