The Truth About Drew Tingley From Hell's Kitchen Season 19

The legendary show, Hell's Kitchen has been around for long enough that whether or not you're a loyal fan, you probably know it's the real deal. The star of Hell's Kitchen is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who observes aspiring chefs battle it out for a chance to win the top spot and a gig with Ramsay himself. It's a competition that's fiery, fierce, and full of drama. It is definitely not meant for the faint-hearted.

The show's 19th season looks like it will be as dramatic as its predecessors. According to a piece by PennLive, one of the participants, Drew Tingley, had no plans to be a part of the show but decided to go for the opportunity on the spur of the moment. When Tingley did receive a call telling him he'd been selected to compete, he couldn't believe it. He said, "I lost it. I was dancing around my house. I was screaming. I was just excited."

Tingley's story is fascinating. For a long time, people had discouraged him from pursuing his dream of being a chef. He'd just started a new gig working as a line cook when he got the chance to be a part of Hell's Kitchen.

Tingley wasn't sure how to go about things

As reported by Daily Item, Tingley was in a bit of a fix before he went off to Hell's Kitchen. You see, he'd just started working at Ard's Farm in Lewisburg and wasn't sure how to explain the situation to his bosses. Luckily for him, things worked out rather well. He said, "They were very gracious about it. I'm saying, I know I've only been here a month, but would you care if I went out to Hell's Kitchen? And they were like, yeah, go ahead. Follow your dreams."

Tingley was nervous throughout the process even after he decided to be a part of the contest. When he finally went off to Las Vegas for the show, he was scared and overwhelmed. As soon as he showed up on set, he had to get to know his peers quickly and get comfortable with the way things were during filming. He said, "You're flying across the entire country. When you step out, you know, you're from this small town, and then there's everything lit up forever. It was absolutely gorgeous." 

Tingley also mentioned that he was very grateful to have met and spoken to his idol, Ramsay. Tingley has followed the show since childhood and doesn't take his experiences for granted. In a recent Instagram post, he wrote that his peers on the show are now like family to him and that he's very protective about them. What a good guy, huh?