The Truth About Jordan Savell From Hell's Kitchen Season 19

When Gordon Ramsay describes a Hell's Kitchen contestant as a soldier, it's a compliment that shines among all the rage-filled sound bites with which the rest of the show is filled. Of course, as the set up implies, chef Jordan Savell is the one to receive this compliment on the set of the 19th season of Hell's Kitchen. The choice of word was probably inspired by her tattoo, which 2paragraphs describes as a series of kitchen tools lined to look like a rifle with "La mia arte e la mia arma," or "My art is my weapon."

Born in Dallas and now a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, chef Savell told Fort Worth Magazine that before Hell's Kitchen she was at The Oceanaire and Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House, working as a sous-chef in the former and an executive one in the latter. Before heading off for filming, Savell served as the general manager at Landmark Bar and Kitchen.

Savell also opened up about her alcohol addiction, which became part of her character's narrative on Hell's Kitchen since she had just gone sober in November 2018, around the time of recording.

When asked the inevitable question about Ramsay's wrath, she answered in true soldiering on fashion: "No one makes it off that show unscathed. But it's only because he's so passionate about what he does. He wants excellence all the time."

Where is Jordan Savell now?

As chef Jordan Savell explained in her interview with Fort Worth Magazine, the filming for this season of Hell's Kitchen occurred two years ago. So, the question remains whether she returned to the Landmark Bar & Kitchen or capitalized on the Hell's Kitchen experience to try something new.

She decided to start over fresh, and according to a Facebook post from her new food truck Bullfish Foods, its grand opening will take place on Jan. 16, 2021. The truck will stick with mastering a simple, straightforward dish: "We're doing classic sandwiches done right: pastrami on rye, a grilled cheese, a French dip, a Reuben and a Cuban, all super authentic and made with my own spices and sauces."

Bullfish Foods will also cater weddings, parties, and other events with the option for customizable menus, as explained on its Instagram. While perhaps the pandemic makes this a difficult time to start a food enterprise, chef Savell survived Hell's Kitchen, so this should be comparatively relaxed.