These Are Guy Fieri's Favorite Foods

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is many things: a multitasker, an unconventional icon, a TV personality, and above all, a foodie. His fans are so fascinated by the star that they can't help but wonder how he feels about certain food items.

For example, Fieri isn't too obvious when he's on camera. So if you're trying to figure out whether he likes or simply hates something he's eaten, you've got to pay attention to the guy. If he's enjoying the meal, he won't be able to hold himself back from eating it! And if he's not a fan, he'll be generic, instead of being specific while talking about the food. Hehe.

What about Fieri's all-time favorite food options? Dishes that he turns to without a second thought? Well, there are a few right answers to this question. Here's what you should know about this chef's favorite dishes. The truth may surprise you.

Guy Fieri likes plant-based dishes

It might be easy to assume that Guy Fieri only sticks to meat and greasy food, but this isn't quite true. He's actually fairly versatile and enjoys trying vegetarian food. In an interview with Today in 2019, he opened up about his dietary choices and said, "While I do love great barbecue and a good burger, even on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, they don't represent the majority of things I try."

He added that he likes experimenting with a variety of food options, including vegetarian meals and doesn't even mind sampling vegan dishes. Fieri's food choices aren't limited or restrictive, to say the least. He further said that he's a big fan of soy sauce and even Brussels sprouts, explaining that it's a "versatile veggie." Surprised?

Well, Fieri also doesn't say no to Asian cuisine and is open to experimenting with spicy curries, sushi, and other options. Inspiring. Tempted to try his preferred dishes yet?