Now There's An Even Easier Way To Get Girl Scout Cookies

On February 1, Grubhub and the Girl Scouts of the USA will begin their collaboration to ensure that this year's Girl Scout Cookies can reach expectant customers without compromising anyone's safety. Any money made, Grubhub explained in a press release sent to Mashed, will go directly to the local troops as Grubhub will waive all fees. Furthermore, if you make an order of more than $15 by Valentine's Day, Grubhub will deliver the cookies for free.

An interesting aspect Grubhub emphasizes is that in addition to keeping the scouts safe from the pandemic, "local Girl Scouts also get hands-on experience in managing e-commerce, where they will track and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and more, all using Grubhub's back-end technology." 

The cookies on offer this year, as the Girl Scout Blog details, including a new "French toast–inspired cookie dipped in delicious icing" called Toast-Yay! as well as Thin Mints, Samoas, and Caramel deLites. To discover whether contact-free cookie deliveries are available in your area, Grubhub has set up a new Girl Scout Cookies section. Similarly, the Girl Scouts of the USA offer a cookie finder on their website.

A time-honored tradition

This year marks the 99th anniversary of Girl Scout Cookies as an institutional event. According to Bustle, the first official Girl Scout Cookie, a sugar cookie, debuted in The American Girl in 1922. Before this, a few troops did sell cookies to raise money, but the product was not branded as a "Girl Scout Cookie." Since 1922, however, the Girl Scout Cookie has become a phenomenon that even the pandemic has failed to quell.

In some ways, the added difficulty of a ravaging disease actually adds to the point of the scouts selling the cookies. "This season," Judith Batty, interim CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, said to the Girl Scout Blog, "our girls will continue to exemplify what the cookie program taught them—how to think like entrepreneurs, use innovative sales tactics, and pivot to new ways of doing business when things don't go according to plan." Doing this, as Mary Salazar explained on the blog Des Moines Mom helps scouts develop public speaking skills, a sense of accomplishment, and camaraderie amongst the troop. Evidently, Grubhub agrees.