Trader Joe's Fans Are Psyched For This New Cuban-Style Seasoning Blend

The people who brought you Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and Vegan Chickenless Seasoning Salt have done it again. Introducing Trader Joe's Cuban Style Citrusy Garlic Seasoning Blend. Described by TJ's as having a bright citrus and allium blend with salt, food writers have quickly likened these flavors to the more well-known mojo sauce (via She Knows). This seasoning blend is like an all-in-one for cooks in a time crunch. It's recommended as a rub for proteins such as pork, chicken, or fish and as a topping for grilled vegetables. Feel free to sprinkle this on just about anything you throw in the oven or skillet — we think this even might be fun for an elote twist on corn.

Shoppers are pretty thrilled with this new discovery. Instagram account Trader Joe's List shared: "So excited to spice up the new year with this new addition! The cashier was telling me about this new item in addition to a few new items that are landing this week (one of them is another cauliflower surprise that would be so yummy paired with this seasoning)." Another commenter suggested, "maybe this will help recreate that Cuban restaurant chicken we loved."

Like powdered mojo in a bottle

In Trader Joe's fashion, the ingredients for this seasoning are naturally based, including garlic, citric acid, onion powder, salt, lime oil and juice, red pepper, bay leaves, coriander, oregano, bitter orange oil, basil, lemon oil, and marjoram. Like a traditional mojo sauce, this seasoning incorporates the sour orangey flavors we've come to love that are especially delicious as we move toward warming seasons and temperatures (via Serious Eats). While no price is yet listed on the TJ's website, previous all-in-one seasonings have sold for under $3 per bottle, and we'd expect the Cuban seasoning to follow suit.

For those interested in the taste of this seasoning, this isn't the first time Trader Joe's has ventured into Cuban flavors. You can also try Trader Joe's Cuban Style Citrus Garlic Bowl for $3.49. This 11-ounce bowl is Trader Joe's take on arroz con pollo with juicy chicken, turmeric rice, and plantains in mojo sauce. So if you like mojo, run to TJ's now!