The Simple Trick Martha Stewart Uses For Perfect Scrambled Eggs

It's official: Eggs are the most popular breakfast food in the U.S., with 56 percent of people declaring them their go-to morning meal in a recent Food Network survey. And, of all the ways you can eat eggs (fried, over easy, etc.), more than one-third of Americans prefer them scrambled. In theory, it should be one of the most basic breakfast dishes to whip up in the morning. All you need are eggs and a pan — and maybe some crème fraiche if you are feeling fancy like Gordon Ramsay.

However, everyone knows that making perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs is easier said than done. They often turn out either too dry and hard or too runny and soggy. Fortunately, Martha Stewart has a simple solution to the common egg-making problem. The celebrity chef shared her trick to scrambling up the best eggs in the morning — no extra ingredients or expensive tools required.

Don't stop stirring your eggs

According to Martha Stewart, the secret to fluffy scrambled eggs is to move them constantly in the pan "so they don't take on any color." She recommends doing this just until the eggs are set, which she says should take somewhere between one-and-a-half to three minutes. Start by moving the eggs to the middle of the pan with your spatula, then let the liquid run around the perimeter. Repeat this over and over until your eggs are scrambled and yellow — just avoid letting them sit in one spot for long enough to start browning in the pan!

Southern Living also suggests giving the pan a little shake as soon as you pour the eggs in to get them moving right off the bat. As soon as you remove them from the stove, give them at least another stir or two, as well, since the eggs will continue cooking for a few minutes in the hot pan.