Zico Has Great News For Coconut Water Fans

2020 brought a ton of hardship, and no element of life came out unscathed. One of the most notable food casualties of the year came in the form of the loss of Zico coconut water, Coca-Cola's coconut water brand that failed to win over fans like competitor Vita Coco could (via CNN). 

Coke slashed the Zico water from production as part of a larger purge that also took Odwalla from us, as well as some niche Diet Coke flavors. For those of us who have mourned the loss of Zico, we finally have some good news.

In a statement sent to Mashed, PowerPlant Ventures, the equity group that owned Zico before selling the product to Coca-Cola in 2013, has bought back the rights to Zico coconut water and plans to revamp the water with the new name Zico Rising! In anticipation of the launch, the website for the product has popped up online, and while the page barely has any content, it provides a good indication that we may see one of our favorite coconut waters return very soon (via Zico Rising).

The return of the coconut water king

While the statement made no mention of a date of when we should expect to see any new products, the new leadership seems poised to make some amazing things happen. According to the statement, Thomas Hicks and Alan George have come together as CEO and CFO to lead the new incarnation of Zico. Hicks and George have a ton of industry experience, having helmed the charge to promote Naked Juice and Monster Energy drinks via Pepsi and Coca-Cola. With heavy hitters like this, Zico Rising lies in good hands that guarantee to restart the coconut water wars!

Only time can tell what the new product tastes or looks like, but with any luck, we should expect the return of a serious coconut water powerhouse that can please original fans and win over newcomers. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for new announcements and look out for this health-centered water back on shelves sometime soon. In the meantime, we can only wait and hope to see some great new products that can keep us coming back for more!