The Real Reason It Took So Long To Make Season 19 Of Hell's Kitchen

We'd be lying if we said we didn't miss Gordon Ramsay yelling at contestants on Hell's Kitchen. His tough love approach sometimes leads to tears, but normally he seems to give constructive criticism. Even if it does come across as a little harsh sometimes. Showrunner, Kenny Rosen, said the audience also doesn't always get to see how nurturing Ramsay is with the chefs behind the scenes. He told Screenrant that Ramsay "takes it very seriously, whether it's for a TV show or for his real restaurants; he wants people to get fed...really good food."

So why was this successful show shelved for so long, despite being shot way back in April 2018? Season 19 was filmed in Las Vegas before the spread of COVID-19, which seems like plenty of time to edit the episodes. Executive producer, Arthur Smith, told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he's gotten a lot of questions about this. "We've been hearing from a lot of people like, 'When is it coming? When is it coming? When is it coming?'" Smith said. And finally, we have an answer for you.

This is possibly why Hell's Kitchen has been on hiatus since 2018

While the season was filmed before the pandemic, it doesn't mean the virus still didn't impact production schedules. Smith explained to the Las Vegas Review Journal that there's been a lot of delay in it being released that's likely been caused by COVID-19 and having to shift other shows around. However, he explained he's very excited that the new season is finally airing and looking forward to fans seeing the new revamped version.

Hell's Kitchen has typically filmed in Los Angeles, per Screenrant, so Smith hopes the audience will enjoy all of the new glitz and glamor of the strip. "When you're doing a show for as long as we've been doing this show, we're always thinking of ways to change it up, energize it," Smith explained to the Las Vegas Review Journal. He said it brought a whole new energy to the episodes and so will some of the famous guests who stop by like: Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives, and Chris Angel.

If like us, you want to see who Ramsay will scream at next, tune into Fox on Thursdays to view the new season.