Costco Shoppers Are Obsessed With This Sweet Ginger Garlic Seasoning

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Spice blends became immensely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people stuck at home tried to recreate the bold flavors of restaurant food (via Eater). Costco shoppers have a new blend to add to their arsenal: sweet ginger garlic from Simply Asia, a brand made by the McCormick spice company. The Costco fan account @costco_doesitagain on Instagram found the spice blend in big, 12-ounce containers on January 13 at their local Costco. Instagram user @gmcme was happy to see that Costco had brought back the sweet ginger garlic seasoning.

"I used to buy it and loved it," she commented under @costco_doesitagain's post. "They haven't brought it back in years, I hope I can find it in Miami!" (Costco releases a lot of products regionally, not nationally, so you'll need to check your local warehouse store for availability.) Because Costco is so hit-and-miss with its new releases, people often use the comments under Costco finds on Instagram to ask their friends to look for a product they can't find at their store.

The all-natural spice blend goes well with stir-fry and pasta

Simply Asia's sweet ginger garlic blend is also available on Amazon, priced at $12.50 for the 12-ounce container. Unfortunately, @costco_doesitagain doesn't say how much Costco is charging for the blend. You can usually count on Costco to sell at a lower price.

The all-natural ingredients in the sweet ginger garlic blend are listed on the product's Amazon page: ginger, toasted sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, sea salt, unrefined sugar, garlic, red bell peppers, toasted coconut, soy sauce, onion, and natural flavor. The blend has 80 mg of sodium in a one-quarter teaspoon serving.

Commenters under the Instagram post suggested using the sweet ginger garlic blend with stir fry, shrimp, salmon, and pasta dishes. Amazon reviewers mostly love the blend, giving it an overall score of 4.8 stars out of 5. The top-ranked positive review had this to say: "The seasonings in here are pleasantly strong. It won't take a lot of it to season a meal. The ginger is hinted at but not overpowering in the mix. Very well balanced to season with." Another five-star review gave some sound advice. For best results, use the blend during cooking and don't sprinkle it on after because the blend has some bigger bits: "If you add it after, the flavor isn't as impactful and the little bits are crunchy; this isn't like salt or garlic powder."