Costco's Paleo-Friendly Vanilla Almond Butter Granola Is Turning Heads

Both the keto diet, which is strictly high fat and very low carb, and the paleo diet, which emphasizes only eating whole, unprocessed foods, adhere to fairly strict dietary rules. This can make it difficult for the people following these plans to find easy, great-tasting snacks while still following their diet. However, Costco has good news for both keto and paleo fans this week. The wholesale superstore is now selling Purely Elizabeth's Organic Grain-Free Granola in Vanilla Almond Butter with MCT Oil, which is both keto- and paleo-friendly.

This week, the popular Instagram account @costco_doesitagain shared the find on social media, saying: "@purely_elizabeth Vanilla Almond Butter Grain-Free Granola + MCT Oil! Sweetened with coconut sugar and baked with coconut oil, with just 4 grams of added sugar, this Certified Keto and Certified Paleo granola...can be enjoyed with milk, yogurt, on top of a smoothie or plain jane — straight out of the bag!"

Medium-chain triglyceride, or MCT, oil is a dietary supplement made from easy-to-digest fats, according to WebMD. Compared to other types of fat, medium-chain triglycerides are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream, which can give you a boost of energy. They may even aid with weight loss by helping you eat fewer calories and feel fuller longer.

Purely Elizabeth's Vanilla Almond Butter Granola is full of whole, unprocessed ingredients

But it's not just the MCT oil that has people talking. Purely Elizabeth's granola has all kinds of other healthy ingredients, like organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, and almond butter. Eating pumpkin seeds has been shown to help improve heart health and help prevent certain cancers, per Healthline, while sunflower seeds can aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure (also via Healthline). Chia seeds are a surprisingly great source of whole grain, and are packed with fiber and nutrients, as Healthline points out elsewhere, and almond butter is high in calcium, vitamin E, and healthy monounsaturated fats that can help control blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease (again, at Healthline). Each serving (one-third cup) of the granola has only 170 calories, five grams of protein, five grams of sugar, and zero trans or saturated fat, according to Purely Elizabeth

Even if you aren't following a keto or paleo diet, the granola is worth buying just for the taste alone. Lightly sweetened with coconut sugar and hint of vanilla, the granola is as pleasing to the taste buds as it is to the body, and users on social media seem to agree. As Instagram user @costcoguide posted: "That sounds so good. I love vanilla and almond butter, so I'm sure this is amazing!" @healthyatcostco concurred, writing that the granola was simply "one of the best granolas at Costco."