The Surprising Time Vladimir Putin Is Served Breakfast

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a late riser. His breakfast is normally served at noon, which is significantly later than one might expect from such a powerful world leader. However, it makes sense when you consider that he prefers to burn the midnight oil. Putin is known to work late hours and regularly stays up long into the night, summoning his staff to accomplish tasks in the wee hours when his mental acuity is sharpest, as the Independent reports.

Putin usually enjoys a breakfast that is simple yet hearty. The meal typically consists of cottage cheese, followed by an omelet or porridge and quail eggs, accompanied by fruit juice, according to the Independent. It's mostly standard, healthy breakfast fare, which isn't particularly surprising since Putin is known to eat fairly healthy in general. According to Pravda, the president is partial to vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, and he enjoys fish, which are full of protein and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Putin also starts his day with coffee and exercise

In the past, Putin has worked to promote an overall health-conscious lifestyle, per Tass. Putin also does not smoke, and largely abstains from alcohol. Instead, he encourages moderation, and he has even implemented a practice of testing plant workers for signs of alcohol use. He has also joked that "it would be expedient to introduce such checks at the presidential administration and the government. It would do no harm, anyway." According to a World Health Organization report, alcohol consumption in Russia has fallen by 43 percent under Putin's leadership.

However, he does partake in caffeine. Like most people, Putin likes a cup of coffee in the morning. After he has finished eating his meal, his staff serves him his coffee. While we don't know exactly which brand he drinks at home, it is presumably a much nicer cup than your average Folgers brew. 

Once the cup of coffee perks him up, he has enough energy to go for a two-hour swim and then hit the weights in his gym afterwards. After he has been fed, caffeinated, and exercised, Putin is finally ready to begin his day of leading the country, riding horses without a shirt on, and possibly intimidating bears (via Huffpost).