How Much Hungry Howie's Pizza Employees Really Make

As a pizza chain, Hungry Howie's is one of those brands that's easy to turn to when you're craving a box of pizza. As per the brand's website, it's super keen on offering something different from its competitors and standing out in the market, and the brand's co-founder Steve Jackson once said, "It takes a fierce desire to succeed in one of the toughest food segments. Major elements in our strategy include excellent products, superior customer service, and the marketing savvy to compete against the national pizza chains." Where there's a will, there's a way.

In order to hit these goals, you need a good team on the floor, too. So what is it like to work for Hungry Howie's then? We have answers for you. As per testimonials from former employees, the experience can be both good and bad. One former employee wrote on Indeed that while it was a decent place for to work at in general, they found it extremely stressful overall. Another former team member said that they really loved their time at the company thanks to their colleagues who were supportive and friendly.

What are the salaries at Hungry Howie's like?

In terms of salaries at Hungry Howie's, could things be better? They could. Are they absolutely awful? Not necessarily. A curious Redditor asked other users on the website to share their experiences working for the brand, particularly the pay scale. A former employee wrote, "Minimum wage. [A] couple [of] years ago when I worked for one in Louisiana, I made $7.25/hr in the store and $4.25/hr + tips and portion of delivery fee while on deliveries if you're a driver. I hated that job." Ouch. As per the brand's website, employees can choose between full-time and part-time gigs and drivers can make as much as $15 an hour.

The averages don't look too bad on Glassdoor and Indeed. According to Glassdoor, delivery drivers earn around $10 every hour. And the numbers on Indeed indicate that cooks often make slightly more at $8 to $11.28 an hour. Other restaurant staff members can expect to get paid around $11.81 every hour. As indicated by Redditors, what can really help boost an employee's pay is the amount of money they get through tips from customers, especially if they're working as pizza delivery drivers.