This Is Tyler Florence's Favorite Southern Dish

Tyler Florence is a talented man who's well-known for his culinary chops and his extraordinary talent in the kitchen. According to Cooking Channel TV, the chef has worked really hard to get where is. He earned a degree in the culinary arts from Johnson & Wales university before working with several restaurants in New York City. But, one of his biggest claims to fame was becoming a notable figure on Food Network, where he introduced his viewers to cooking while juggling several shows like Planet Food and My Country, My Kitchen.

When it comes to Florence and his personal food preferences, it's worth mentioning his roots deeply influence his taste. Because he comes from the South, he's particularly fond of local items like pimento cheese, which is essentially a spread made up of several cheeses, pimento peppers, and mayonnaise. As for his favorite Southern dish? The answer is pretty interesting.

Tyler Florence — and his favorite dish — are very attached to his own Southern roots

As far as Tyler Florence is concerned, his Southern upbringing is a crucial part of his past and present. He once said that his roots have played an important role in making him who he is. "Going to see my grandparents was like going back 50 years. Every weekend was a history lesson in Southern food," he explained in an interview with Charleston Magazine. The chef was also rather candid when he was asked to name his preferred Southern food item. 

He said that it has always been fried chicken, and unsurprisingly, this is one dish that the chef has heavily focused on in his recipes as well. As pointed out by CBS, this meal is one of the chef's best, and it's a dish that he proudly serves at his eatery Wayfare Tavern in California. His version is comprised of fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, sage, and other delicious add-ons such as hot sauce, garlic powder, and more.